"Ember and Asia are my family, so when I can't be there for them, why should they have to live in a cage?"

– Jodie (USA)

About Us

Animal Companion was established in the USA, and then Belgium by a Fully Qualified Veterinary Technician, specialising in Animal Welfare, Pet Nutrition, and Primate Conservation. 

The Belgian Animal Companion is now run by Ine of www.dogbehaviour.be who worked for 2 years with Animal Companion before taking over the Belgian branch.  Ine is a recognised and accredited animal obedience trainer and behaviour specialist.

"My goal is to keep your pets feeling as important, happy and comfortable as they are when you're there. Avoiding stress, sickness and loneliness are my top priorities.

Coming to your house to love your pets as you would when you're at home is what Animal Companion is here for.  When you can't be there, leave it to me to keep your pets happy!

I would never leave my own pets without ensuring they are cared for by someone I can trust with their happiness and safety.  Your pets will become my best friends, trusting me to care for them whenever life takes you away from home.

I am experienced in the care and support of elderly, sick and infirm pets, and I am able to administer medications, orally, and topically.

I am proud to be able to offer the Animal Companion service in Belgium."

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