"My cat was so well looked after when I had to go into hospital for 3 weeks.  Jodie and her team were so caring and attentive, I cannot recommend her enough!"

– Geraldine in Tervuren

How it Works

I offer care for cats, dogs, and other domesticated animals.  I am not however, able to care for reptiles, arachnids, or any dangerous or venomous species.

It all starts with the interview.  I visit your home and introduce myself to your pets, and get to know them.  During this visit we discuss your pets needs and welfare, including any special dietary or medical requirements, exercise regimes, and their daily routines.

We discuss access to your home, and record details of all contacts, including your nominated veterinary service, and how to reach you, or your proxy in case of emergency. 

We make a plan for each day I will care for them, and discuss how I will keep you informed of their care during your absence.  I can provide daily emails, photos, a text message, or a detailed diary for when you return.

As a minimum I will visit your home daily, ensuring food and water are placed in fresh dishes, clean their bedding and toilet environment, and spend quality time with them, so they feel loved and contented.

Visits are made once, twice, or three times a day, depending on needs.  Late night visits can also be made.

Additional Services

I will open and close curtains or blinds daily, turn lights on and off, and even turn the radio or TV on at set times.  I will water house plants, sweep or clean excess animal hair, and take in mail and newspapers etc, and of course place your various commune bags out for collection!

AND, for when you return, I can ensure you have fresh milk and bread waiting!

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