"I recently started a new shift system at work, and was so worried about loking after my Yorkie.  Having you come over at lunchtime to give Frisky a toilet break has been a huge weight of my mind"

– Martha in Overijse 

Why a Petsitter?

It's stressful enough for your pet to be separated from you, but when you take them out of their home environment they can become scared and lonely. 

Being left at a kennel can be frightening to your little ones.  Fear of abandonment, unfamiliar surroundings, small pens, and the absence of favorite toys and blankets can leave your pet feeling out of sorts, or worse.  Other loud and aggressive animals can be very stressful for your pets.  

No matter how good, a kennel cannot offer your best friend the love and care that a one on one Animal Companion can, and kennels often have office hours which may be inconvenient to your schedule.

Elderly or infirm animals are especially unsuited to kenneling environments as they need special care and handling.  This leaves you with few options for their expert care during your absence.

I don't only offer services to travelling families, but make regular visits to my clients with demanding jobs that require long working hours.  I will visit your home whether you have an after work meeting, a personal appointment or just want to spoil your pet when you're not there.

With my service your pets will enjoy being at home, playing with their own toys, and will be cheerfully awaiting your arrival.

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